Founded in 1896, Cranbrook College has always combined high academic performance with traditional values. Hard work, tolerance and friendship have always been most prized and this remains true to this day.

Cranbrook College is not just about good exam results but a thorough preparation for life; developing habits of resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, reflectivity and citizenship, which carry beyond the College.

A small,independent, creative, friendly and happy school, we are proud of the warmth, tolerance and personal interest every person receives. Every member of staff seeks each day to make a difference to lives of children in their care and every student knows they are smart, with the character, confidence and compassion to thrive.

Each term educational trips are undertaken, including visits to museums, theatres and environmental centres. These are often related to topics currently being studied but can also become team-building experiences.


Please contact the School Registrar for latest details.

Prep School

The Prep School consists of three classes, one for each year group. The department as a whole works very closely together, planning and co-ordinating the formative years of the boys' education and progress towards the Junior and Senior Schools.

As well as the core curriculum subjects of English, mathematics and science, the children are offered a wide variety of other experiences including French, ICT, music, PE, art and the humanities. French, music and PE are taught by specialist teachers.

Junior School

Pupils entering the Junior School are introduced to a wide and diverse curriculum. The emphasis is on the core subjects: Numeracy, Literacy and Science. In addition, there is some specialist teaching in the following subjects: Art, French, Music, Science and PE. Information and Communications Technology is taught in the purpose built facilities of the Upper School.

Homework is set throughout the Junior School and this enables pupils to reinforce the day's learning and provides an opportunity to work alone. Parents are kept informed of tasks set by means of a Homework Diary. In addition, teachers are available to see parents at any time, either before or after school.

Senior School

In the Middle School (Key Stage 3) there are on average 24 boys in each class, and in the Upper School (Years 10 and 11) the boys are divided into sets and option groups with a maximum class size of about 16. With only one form in each year group, this enables teachers to get to know every pupil very well. Each class has a form tutor who takes a close interest in each boy's progress.

For details of Cranbrook College’s academic programme please contact Mr I Mulinder, Deputy Headteacher and curriculum leader.

Learning Support

We are an inclusive school and accept students who require learning support. Learning support is provided by the Inclusion team at the College and can include withdrawal from lessons for one-to-one assistance or in-class support.

School Meals

All boys take school lunch, which is included in the school fees. A variety of hot and cold food is available each day. Meals are cooked with halal meat, but there is provision for non-halal meat on request and special diets, such as Kosher, vegetarians and those with allergies. During periods of fasting, such as Eid, the kitchen will provide a packed lunch which may be eaten when the fast ends.

For further details on Cranbrook College, including our admissions policy, Pastoral Care and Ofsted report please visit the college website or contact Cranbrook College directly.
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