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RCOG Guideline on Operative Vaginal Delivery March 2018 The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) produce evidence-based guidelines as an aid to good clinical practice. The RCOG was the second organisation to achieve NHS Evidence... Read More →
Implementation of VTE Risk Assessment March 2018 The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has published the How to guide to venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment. In 2007, VTE was a factor in 16,670 recorded deaths in England and Wales. It... Read More →
Substance dependence a treatable brain disorder March 2018 Substance dependence is as much a disorder of the brain as any other neurological or psychiatric illness, according to a comprehensive and authoritative report on substance use and dependence... Read More →
Studies predict how and where of diabetes March 2018 Early signs of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a known complication of type 2 diabetes, can also help predict diabetes development, says a new study. Using data from the Nurses' Health... Read More →
Austral-Asian cancer journal March 2018 The Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer (AJC) is offering readers free online subscription, which enables members to access full text articles and participate in the journal?s interactive user... Read More →
Depression and Anxiety, an Indicated Prevention (DIP) Protocol in homes for the elderly March 2018 Depressive and anxiety disorders are a very common, serious and under detected problem in homes for the elderly. Elderly persons in residential homes are at high risk for developing major depressive... Read More →
Observational Cohort Study of Pain among Nursing Home Patients March 2018 Pain is highly prevalent in nursing homes (NH) in several countries. Data about pain in Dutch NH's, where medical care is delivered by specifically trained NH-doctors, are not available. The aim of... Read More →
NIH web-based information site for genetics questions March 2018 After a doctor sees a patient, he or she often prescribes medications. Under a new programme, practitioners who want to direct a patient to up-to-date, reliable, consumer-friendly information about... Read More →
Midwifery 2020: Delivering Expectations March 2018 The Midwifery 2020 programme was commissioned in 2008 by the Chief Nursing officers for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

This document is the programme’s final report. It... Read More →
Talking Therapies Action Plan March 2018 Talking Therapies: a four year plan of action and the accompanying impact assessment contain useful information for commissioning talking therapy services and a reference of services to which GPs... Read More →


Assessing patient safety March 2018 HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently announced a new tool to help hospitals and health systems evaluate employee attitudes about p Read More →
Better access to medicine safety data March 2018 Patients and researchers are able to look at data on the safety of different medicines. Part of a series of measures to further improve the drug side Read More →
Miscarriage leaflets in a range of languages March 2018 Leaflets about miscarriage have been produced in a range of minority ethnic languages by The Miscarriage Association with the aid of a grant from the Read More →
Website on the dangers of counterfeit drugs March 2018 Amid increased concern over the growing epidemic of counterfeit drugs, the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy has launched a website and a s Read More →
Calculate by QxMD March 2018 Medical calculators come in all different shapes and sizes – from traditional paper OB wheels to the more tech-savvy app calculators. There are numer Read More →
Pedi STAT March 2018 In a medical emergency, time is of the essence. Timely medical and procedural interventions are often needed to keep patients alive and healthy. Pedi Read More →
The Checklist for Primary Care March 2018 Created by primary care experts for other primary care providers, The CheckList app helps with compliance, management, and financial reporting. Pract Read More →
ECG Guide QxMD Medical Software March 2018 QxMD are consistently creating excellent apps aimed squarely at the health professional and have made a few apps that appear in this article. The ECG Read More →
Dermatology March 2018 SkinCareGuide, an international medical publisher and marketing company, launched a source of online dermatology information for doctors and other he Read More →
OrthoFlow...the orthopaedic specialist in your pocket! February 2018 Welcome to OrthoFlow...the orthopaedic specialist in your pocket! This new way of learning is designed to help you diagnose and manage orthopaedic tr Read More →
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