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Continence issues for a child with learning difficulties August 2017 An exemplar has been produced which describes a care pathway and the considerations which apply at each stage in supporting a child with continence issues relating to a learning... Read More →
Pandemic Influenza Flowchart for Triage and Indemnity Cover for Staff August 2017 The RCGP and Department of Health (England) have produced a flowchart to assist GP receptionists in determining which symptomatic swine flu patients should be seen most urgently - particularly in... Read More →
AHRQ Resource Features 100 Health Care Innovations August 2017 A Web resource that allows users to learn, share, and adopt innovations in the delivery of health services by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

AHRQ's Health Care Innovations... Read More →
Online Games Encourage Kids to Eat Fruit & Vegetables August 2017 Produce for Better Health Foundation?s (PBH) kids? website now features even more fun, educational activities. Visitors will be treated to four new, age-appropriate games.

The new games... Read More →
Shape of Caring published August 2017 ‘Raising the Bar’, the final report from the Shape of Caring Review, was published recently. Led by Lord Willis, it brings together findings and expertise from recent major reports. It intends to... Read More →
Childhood environmental factors associated with snoring August 2017 A study aimed to investigate whether early life environment is associated with snoring later in life.

A questionnaire including snoring frequency in adulthood and environmental factors in... Read More →
Antiviral medicines in pregnancy, breastfeeding and children under one August 2017 Pandemic influenza: guidance on preparing maternity services. It reinforces and clarifies the advice in the main guidance, and provides advice for the use of antiviral medicines in women who are... Read More →
Putting Patients at the Heart of Care August 2017 In June 2009, the Department of Health brought together patients, third sector representatives, clinicians and managers to look at the role that Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) is already... Read More →
End of Life Care Strategy Second Annual Report August 2017 In July 2008 the Department of Health (England) published the End of Life Care Strategy - promoting high quality care for all adults at the end of life. The second annual report sets out the... Read More →
Better choices, healthier lives August 2017 Q: What are the differences between the 2010 DGA and the 2005 DGA?

A: There are a number of differences, including the emphases on managing body weight through all life stages and on proper... Read More →
GP Care Roles In Severe Mental Illness August 2017 Patients with severe mental illness (SMI) experience distress and disabilities in several aspects of life, and they have a higher risk of somatic co-morbidity. Both patients and their family members... Read More →


Meditute - web based short tutorials August 2017 Meditute aims to develop, deliver, and monitor the use of high quality, freely distributable medical education. It comprises a system of web based sh Read More →
Human Rights In Healthcare August 2017 The Department of Health, the British Institute of Human Rights and 5 NHS Trusts have worked in conjunction to produce a framework to assist NHS trus Read More →
Drinking, How Does Your Night End? August 2017 For many of us, drinking alcohol is a part of life. But how much do you know about how alcohol affects your body, or how being drunk can affect peopl Read More →
Tackling Drugs August 2017 The Scottish Government's national drugs strategy, focuses on recovery from drug use. Measures include the provision of factual information to every Read More →
Online diabetes management programme August 2017 Launched by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Diabetes Teaching Center, this is the first ever online programme which equally focuse Read More →
Accuracy of MMSE in general practice August 2017 The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) has contributed to detecting cognitive impairment, yet few studies have evaluated its accuracy when used by Read More →
Child Safety from Domestic Violence August 2017 The Department of Health has published toolkit that provides specific information about children, domestic violence and related issues; an overview o Read More →
Mental Capacity Act Directory August 2017 The Social Care Institute for Excellence has published a new Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Directory, an online collection of up-to-date MCA materials. E Read More →
Identifying Unhealthy Kidneys August 2017 A patient leaflet has been published which explains the meaning of proteinuria, cases, signs and tests to determine proteinuria. It also covers how t Read More →
Debt and Mental Health August 2017 One in three people with a serious mental health problem are in debt. A new booklet provides practical advice for health workers on dealing with thi Read More →
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