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Improving Cleanliness And Infection Control October 2017 The Government recently announced a series of measures aimed at improving hospital cleanliness, including increasing the number of Matrons and giving more powers to nurses. This letter gives more... Read More →
Natural antioxidants for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease October 2017 Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the progressive form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), is emerging as a main health problem in industrialized countries. Lifestyle modifications are... Read More →
Decreased heart rate variability correlates to increased cardiovascular risk October 2017 Heart rate variability (HRV) is an increasingly popular term that is defined as the extent to which the interbeat cardiac R-R interval varies over time. Initially, HRV was recognized by... Read More →
Adverse outcomes of pregnancy in women with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. October 2017 A study conducted by Dr. Fukuda and colleagues, evaluated NAFLD as a risk marker for type 2 diabetes.1 The researchers evaluated data of >4500 patients who were part of a health checkup program over... Read More →
Predicting adult obesity from childhood obesity October 2017 Young children are dependent on their care providers—parents and teachers—to cultivate healthy lifestyle behaviors that are associated with reduced chronic diseases. Childhood obesity is complex,... Read More →
Vaccine Website for Adolescents and Teens October 2017 PKIDs? Vaccine Initiative has launched, a new vaccine website for adolescents and teens. The goal of the site is to raise awareness of immunisations among teens and young adults... Read More →
Why Your Childs Weight Matters October 2017 The Government has developed an information booklet for parents: ?Why your child?s weight matters?, which includes information for parents about:

? the National Child Measurement Programme... Read More →
Guidance On Fluoridation Of Drinking Water October 2017 A letter has been published which encourages SHAs and PCTs to consider fluoridation to reduce inequalities in oral health. It covers the legislative framework, the requirement for PCTs to assess the... Read More →
Identification of High-Risk Subgroups in very elderly ICU patients October 2017 Current prognostic models for ICU patients have not been specifically developed or validated in the very elderly. The aim of this study was to develop a prognostic model for ICU patients aged 80... Read More →
NHS guidance to tackle mental health and substance misuse problems October 2017 A step forward in tackling the problems arising from mental illness combined with substance misuse was made recently, as the Government launched new guidance aimed at improving the care received by... Read More →
A Guide To Developing HR Systems And Practices October 2017 A guide has been published to help aspirant and applicant Foundation Trusts in the development of the Leadership and Human Resource (HR) components of their Integrated Business Plan for formal... Read More →


App launched to help spot cancer signs October 2017 A new app to help doctors with referrals for patients suspected of having cancer has been launched.
It features a quick reference guide for health Read More →
Guidance on medication and learning disability behavioural problems October 2017 The University of Birmingham, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and MENCAP, have published the first national guideline on the use of psychotropic Read More →
Planning For The Management Of Burn-Injured Patients October 2017 Best practice guidance has been published to describe a general set of principles to NHS organisations in planning, preparing and responding to all t Read More →
Recipe for Care For Old People October 2017 A leading older people?s doctor has published a report setting out the challenge ahead in looking after older people and why we need to change servic Read More →
Dementia screening tool detects early cognitive problems October 2017 A screening tool for dementia developed by Saint Louis University geriatricians appears to work better in identifying mild cognitive problems in the Read More →
Transition: Moving On Well October 2017 A good practice guide on effective transition from children's to adult services for young people with complex health needs has been published by the Read More →
Best Practice In Managing Risk October 2017 This framework is a guide for mental health professionals working with service users to assess risk. It underpins risk assessment with principles of Read More →
Helping People Who Are Unable To Make Some Decisions For Themselves October 2017 This booklet is one of a series of six on the Mental Capacity Act published by the Mental Capacity Implementation Programme (MCIP). MCIP is a joint g Read More →
Good Practice Guidance On Working With Parents With A Learning Disability October 2017 Good practice guidance, including a summary of relevant legislation and policy, on how adult and children?s services should work together to improve Read More →
Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Toolkit October 2017 In order to assist the NHS with implementing the TB action plan, Stopping Tuberculosis in England, the Department of Health has published a toolkit t Read More →
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