The Checklist for Primary Care

March 2018

General Practitioners

Country of origin: UK

Created by primary care experts for other primary care providers, The CheckList app helps with compliance, management, and financial reporting. Practice specific tasks can be added to a list of predefined tasks, which can subsequently be assigned to various users and their progress can be monitored by other team members. A dashboard allows for easy performance monitoring and push notifications remind users to complete pending tasks.

The Checklist is designed to ensure:

- CQC Compliance
- IG Compliance
- Effective HR Management
- Proactive Financial Reporting
- Timely monitoring and encouragement of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual practice tasks
- Achievement of key performance indicators
- Reporting at individual staff, practice or group level
- Integration with other AT Tech innovations, including data visualisation within our Business Intelligence tool

Key Features
1. Predefined task list based on a deep understanding of General Practice
2. Bulk add tasks to users based on their roles
3. Group submission of usual tasks
4. Assign pending tasks to a team member
5. Out of office function, to delegate tasks temporarily when away
6. Reports dashboard to view task performance
7. Tooltips on task cards for further details about the individual tasks
8. Filters providing the option to view tasks by category, frequency or by practice (for multi-practice users)
9. Switch roles function, enabling users with varied roles to manage a variety of tasks
10. Push Notifications to update users about pending tasks and tasks assignment


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