Impact of first infant vaccination programme in England for rotavirus confirmed April 2019 The first full year’s data on the impact of the newly-introduced national infant immunisation programme on rotavirus in England have confirmed the earlier indications that the programme has been... Read More →
Ebola guidance for all primary healthcare professionals April 2019 Ebola has featured widely in the news in recent weeks and cases have now been diagnosed in Europe.
Public Health England continue to monitor the situation, as do the authorities in Scotland,... Read More →
Knowledge And Attitudes Of Primary Care Doctors In The Management Of Risk For Cardiovascular Disease April 2019 Adherence to clinical practice guidelines for management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is suboptimal. The purposes of a recent study were to identify practice patterns and barriers among US... Read More →
Asthma Guidelines April 2019 The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) issued the first comprehensive update in a decade of clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma. The guidelines... Read More →
LactMed database April 2019 The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has released a new free database on drugs and breastfeeding called LactMed. This database is part of TOXNET and can be searched together with the other TOXNET... Read More →
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation April 2019 You've just been diagnosed with juvenile (type 1) diabetes, a disease in which your pancreas produces little or no insulin, a hormone you need to stay alive. All of sudden, you are pushed into a... Read More →
Curofy - Discuss Medical Cases March 2019 Curofy is a non-intrusive medical app exclusively for doctors. It enables them to stay updated in the field with medicine with medical journals and clinical case discussions among peers helping them... Read More →
Push Prescriber March 2019 PushPrescriber is an app for obstetricians and delivery teams in any labor and delivery setting. It is a digital version of the study “Pushing the Bounds of Second Stage in Term Nulliparas with a... Read More →
Ten Most Important Things to Know About Caring for Transgender Patients. March 2019 Transgender people have a gender that is not in agreement with their birth sex. Previous barriers, including lack of provider knowledge, has created significant healthcare disparities for this... Read More →
Supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities March 2019 The Children and Families Act 2014 introduces a new statutory requirement for local services to work together when providing care and support for children and young people with special educational... Read More →


People in control of their own health and care May 2019 The idea that people should have a stronger voice in decisions about their health and care, and that services should better...
What primary care needs to know about dementia May 2019 NHS England in cooperation with the Royal College of GPs and Hardwick CCG have published Dementia Revealed - What primary...
Renal Care gets personal May 2019 PatientView shows patients' latest test results plus information about their diagnosis and treatment. They can share this...
ERres evidence-based and up-to-date app April 2019 EM:RAP October 2014 edition by Michelle Lin: Top app for emergency medicine!! "This app is...
Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles update April 2019 The Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles tool has been updated. Among other developments, PDF report printouts are now...
SEND: guide for health professionals April 2019 This guide is for:

• clinical commissioning groups
• health professionals
• local authorities

The Nursing Roadmap for Quality April 2019 The Nursing Roadmap for Quality has been designed help nurses and their teams understand the elements of the quality...
The Lancet March 2019 The Lancet

Available for both iPad & iPhone, the new and improved The Lancet app is free to download and offers...
MedCalX March 2019 MedCalX is a tool that enables medical professionals to easily use complicated medical formulas, scores and classifications.
Thoracic Lymph Node Map March 2019 Introducing the Thoracic Lymph Node Map app, an elegant tool that provides healthcare professionals with a color-coded CT...
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