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With the rising demands of legislation and business costs, many challenges facing organisations in today’s world are too important to leave to chance. Effective management and exceptional patient care are key cornerstones that underpin many successful organisations – and well designed cleaning specification cleaning management plays a significant part in supporting and maintaining these key principles.

A significant challenge facing medical locations is the management of Soft Services, which focuses on the such things as ensuring that a building and everything in it is cleaned properly and regularly, as well as monitoring the performance of contractors.

TT Solutions have specialised in providing intelligent support on all aspects of Soft Services to organisations since 1996.

We are the only accredited training establishment for The British Institute of Cleaning Science in the South of England and have proven expertise in supporting many difficult situations in Soft Services delivery. To support the clients’ expectations of a quality service and blend it with training that focus on the journey to the outcome and not just the outcome itself.

CQC have a set criteria when looking at contract performance. The cleaning of the premises is only one aspect. The other important part is the support documentation. Safe Systems of work (method statements), Risk assessments, COSHH data and COSHH assessments should form the basis on where the delivery of a cleaning service will ensure that you meet some of the requirements laid out by CQC. Reviewing equipment and cleaning chemicals that will ensure that a quality service can be delivered on some many other levels than just the outcome.

Not training people can mean low performance levels, overburdened managers and poor results. People who get appropriate training to help them do their job better are usually more motivated, enjoy their work more and get better results. Everything we do is completely centred on our client’s individual needs. We recognise that different people have different circumstances, levels of knowledge, skills and speed of learning. Our professionals have their feet firmly on the ground when dealing with a range of compliance issues to suit your preferred learning styles in order to deliver a quality experience. They are highly experienced and offer practical and workable solutions whether that’s providing real world health and safety consultancy, training services to improve performance.

If you’ve got a challenge and need the kind of support and advice that will make a substantial difference to your outcomes, our pro-active consultancy will be proud to help you, as we have helped many organisations over the years to weather stormy seas safely and productively.

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