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Medical industry employees who stand at their work often suffer with significant physical stress and fatigue as a result.

Typical symptoms are swollen or painful feet, stiffness in the joints, discomfort in the shoulders and neck, lower back pain, and general tiredness. This undermines motivation and productivity and can increase absenteeism.

Thankfully this is one health and safety issue that can be addressed easily and cost-effectively, since properly specified Anti-Fatigue Matting can reduce standing fatigue by as much as 50%.

Specialist manufacturer WEARWELL has developed three such products specifically for medical sector applications:

Tile-Top AM 420 is permanently anti-microbial and suitable for use where people stand in reception areas, laboratories, pharmacies, research areas, in fact wherever prolonged standing may be part of the job. Available in a range of colours and individual workstation sizes and can also be custom made to fit your exact dimensional requirements.

Pur-Comfort 504 is designed specifically for ISO Class 5 Clean Rooms, including areas where control of static electricity is necessary. Available as individual workstation mats.

Autoclavable Mat 580 is easily sterilised and safe to use in operating theatres, radiology rooms, laboratories and anywhere complete hygiene control is necessary. Available as individual workstation mats.

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