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With over 14 years of security industry expertise, working with some high profile establishments and clients,
Hartmann Training Limited has a wealth of experience to draw upon. We are specialists in Conflict Management Training and Consultancy and through our managing director are a member of the Institute of Conflict Management. Our dedicated team of time seved professionals will develop and support your employees with the tools they need to bring peace of mind that comes from knowing how to safeguard themselves and ensure visitors and patients are in safe hands.

Unfortunately conflict and aggression towards staff in General Practice does occur. It can result from a complex combination of personal and situational reasons including anxiety, medical or psychological conditions, drugs or alcohol. The National Audit Office estimate that the direct financial impact of violence and aggression is likely to be at least 69 million a year. This excludes staff replacement costs and the human costs, such as stress, low morale, lost productivity and high staff turnover, which are known to be substantial.

It is difficult to predict what could trigger an incident. However Hartmann Training Limited will train your practice in recognising and managing different aspects of conflict that they may encounter at work. We expertly deliver courses that meet the National Standards set by NHS Protect and the Institute of Conflict Management with objectives to reduce violent incident through individual experiences, group discussions, group work and case studies. Our workshops are tailored to your needs to cause the minimum disruption to your service. They can be held at your own site or one of our venues and can accommodate from 6 to 25 people.

Using techniques and methods that have been learned and developed through many years of professional conflict management, Hartmann Training Limited are working hard to improve the security for employers and the public. Let us show you how.

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