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Real life First Aid training - at its best

The Oakley Medical Services division offers a tremendous range of basic First Aid skills up to more advanced life saving techniques.

We offer a wide range of value for money First Aid training course with a “streetwise” edge. Delivered by Nurses, Paramedics and Advanced Skills Trainers we integrate real life into our training to make the training real.

We are agents for Physio-Control, Cardiac Science and ZOLL, selling their range of Automated External Defibrillators (AED's). We also offer First Aid Supplies.

Our courses include:

First Aid at Work
  • 3 day First Aid at Work Initial course
  • 2 day First Aid at Work Requalification
  • 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work
  • ˝ day FAW yearly refresher

Defibrillator (AED) training
  • ˝ Day Effective CPR and AED Initial Training
  • ˝ Day Effective CPR and AED Refresher Training

General First Aid
  • 1 day Appointed First Aid Persons
  • ˝ day Appointed First Aid Persons Refresher
  • 1 day Standard Refresher Training
  • 1–5 day "modular" bespoke training

 First Aid for Young people
  • 1 day First Aid For Sports
  • 1 day First Aid For Schools and Colleges
  • 2 day First Aid for Baby & Child
  • ˝ day First Aid for New Parents & Grandparents.

Our trainers give a street wise slant as well as the clinical classroom based approach. By doing this we make the training real and relevant to what may be experienced in real life.

Why Oakley Medical Services

After many years in the first aid training sector we had noticed that there was a disregard to how people were taught how to deal with real medical emergencies. They were just taught out of a book by trainers who did not have experience of actually dealing with front line situations. They made it seem that injuries were all black and white but as we know people are not all the same and each present in different ways. With this in mind the owners of Oakley Medical Services put together a team of paramedics, nurses and advanced skills trainers who have frontline experience and bring a “streetwise” bias to the training. Whilst still training the clinical elements they enhance the learning experience with additional safety skills that protect the first aider when dealing with an emergency.

Our First Aid courses are available throughout Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Surrey, Sussex and London. We also offer First Aid training throughout the UK at our client's premises.

Bespoke Courses & Training

We also offer bespoke training solutions to meet the needs of your business, whatever the size or needs.

We offer not only standard HSE accredited First Aid at Work courses but a raft of specialist courses aimed at the local community as well as response teams.

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