PC Solutions
PC Solutions
121 Moss Lane,
Orrell Park,
L9 8AQ

Fixing any problem, of any kind, on Any Model of Desktop or Laptop, whether it is a hardware or software issue, is our business. The world runs on technology and it is unavoidable that youíll need a computer repair service, so we provide a comprehensive range of computer and technology solutions for small businesses.

With years of experience in the computer trade, we have been pleased to offer computer services and products at a very competitive rates.

We provide; network installations, data recovery, computer repairs, upgrades and installations. We also offer custom built PC's and a range of hardware which can be found by accessing our website.

We respect your Data is Confidential and we will never make copies of data unless you authorise it and will never keep any copies that are made. Any CDs or DVDs made will be yours to keep. We never, ever keep copies of client's data and we will also never access any files on your computer without your permission, so your privacy is protected.

Whether you have 50 computers or just one, we know you depend on your technology, and if your computers are down, the impact on your productivity (and stress levels!) can be significant. Thatís why you need to find a trusted I.T. advisor who knows the challenges that you face.

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