SOS Stay Safe
SOS Stay Safe
Chandler House,
The Great Yard,
Bury St Edmunds,
IP30 9JP

tel: 0330 6600 534

In our world today not everybody feels safe!, either at home, travelling to and from work or whilst abroad…

Protect your loved ones, employees, colleagues, the elderly or just about anyone 24 hours a day.

SOS Stay Safe

Your Smartphone as an Emergency Safety Device

SOS Stay Safe is a first of its kind application - it turns your smartphone into a discreet personal safety device.

Using revolutionary patent pending technology, you are able to request assistance with no effort, Just shake to activate!

When threatened or in an emergency situation:

Shake your phone to automatically send your location, an emergency message, and a recorded sound clip of your situation to your chosen contacts. This is enabled inconspicuously without anyone- an attacker or stalker- even noticing your actions!

Possible emergencies:
  • Being Stalked when walking home from work
  • Being followed by a strange vehicle at night
  • Attempted assault or threatening environment
  • A road accident in a remote place
  • Hiking/camping/picnic emergencies
  • Attempted burglaries at home
  • A fall or accident needing medical attention
The possibilities are endless and this application can be customized for any given industry or organization with tailored responses built to your specification.

Please check the Online Demo or contact us directly for more information on customizing this to your business.

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